Grandeur Nature

Collectif CCC CH
  • We 14.08.24 18h30
  • Duration 50'
  • Free
  • From age 14
  • Conference performed in situ
  • Gratuit
  • Gratuit
Location and other practical information

Cour des Marchandises, Nyon
Meet at the far° ticket office.

“Wednesday is free!” : On Wed 14.08, the performances are free of charge, subject to availability. Please reserve your seats so that you can take advantage of them.

This proposal is part of the Stopping off together route.

Short 5’ walk to the venue. No toilets on site.

In site-specific art projects, the place and its inhabitants are sources of creation. Art insinuates itself into the everyday and fictions challenge concrete realities, whether they are of an environmental, political, or social nature. So how do we make the transition from the empirical experience of a place as a sensitive source of creation to an aesthetic transposition leading to the creation of a work of art? How does this impact creative processes and practices? This is what the members of the CCC collective have sought to answer in this full-scale presentation of their research.

“How does the great outdoors affect actors?
We’ve been active for several years in what we call in situ shows – in situ because they’re performed outside the conventional theatre frame, in urban spaces, or in the middle of nowhere. We wanted to go and meet other artists who are exploring this field of ‘open-air theatre’ in their own way, so that together we could ask ourselves how this approach has changed our artistic practice. After conducting a survey of around ten different companies in Switzerland and France, as well as of members of our collective, we offer to share the results of this research in the form of a lecture/performance, showcased outdoors, of course!”
_Collectif CCC

  • ©Lara Khattabi

design and research CCC collective, Mathias Brossard, Romain Daroles, Lara Khattabi and Loïc Le Manac’h with Mathias Brossard and Lara Khattabi thanks to all the artists who took part in the interviews conducted as part of this research support La Manufacture – Haute École des Arts de la Scène, far° Nyon, Fête du Théâtre – Genève acknowledgements La Mobilière