Umarmung / Embrace

Elvio Avila AR CH
  • Mo 12.08.24 21h15
  • Tu 13.08.24 21h15
  • Duration 1h
  • Creation
  • From age 12
  • Extra Time +
Location and other practical information

Salle Communale, Rue des Marchandises 4, Nyon

This proposal is part of the Transcending borders route.

The theme of mental health is addressed. An 8-month-old medium-sized dog called Chuchi is present on the set – the artist has undergone training to respect Chuchi’s well-being during the performances.

With Umarmung (embrace in German), Elvio Avila offers an introspective and intimate point of view on mental health, invoking the power of embrace and the resulting production of serotonin – commonly known as the happiness hormone. Her relationship with Chuchi on stage, a young dog rescued from the streets of Argentina, gives a special colour to this creation, which reminds us of the importance of bonding, of physical proximity with others, and of the inexorable power of connection that can exist between living beings. Against a backdrop of nostalgic music, Avila questions our need to be one with others, and how this can affect the course of our emotions and even our lives. A touching reflection on the individual, the psyche and the relationship with flesh in all its beauty and complexity.

  • ©Johanna Heusser
  • Umarmung/Étreinte - Elvio Avila (Extra Time Plus), ©Matthieu Moerlen - Mr Jadis Production

concept and performance Elvio Avila, with the participation of Chuchi design consultants Johanna Heusser dramaturgical consultant Silja Gruner image consultant and set design Maria Ernestyna Orlowska lighting and technical Malte Homfeldt coproduction far° Nyon and Südpol Lucerne for the Extra Time Plus programme in collaboration with FIT Lugano and LAC Lugano support Fondation Ernst Göhner, Fondation Landis&Gyr, Fondation Johnson, Fondation Edith Maryon, Fondation Hugo Looser creative residencies far° Nyon, Südpol Lucerne, Cima Città, Usine à Gaz Nyon acknowledgements Cima Città